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we are a multicultural,
all inclusive, relationship-obsessive
connection accelerator.

Our Network is yours to access. 

Our programs unleash the power of inclusion, cultivate cross-cultural business connections, catalyze career advancement, and facilitate access to opportunities for women and people of color.

Named by Boston Magazine as the city's #1 Networking Group in 2023 & 2022. Get Konnected!'s mission aims to accelerate social and economic outcomes by empowering the multicultural communities we serve across every industry. 

Get Konnnected! is Boston's #1 Networking Group named by Boston Magazine in 2023 and 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter and weekly event summaries to get access to the variety of events hosted by Get Konnected and our partnered organizations.

Join us at Get Konnected!

Our Partners work with us, because we are:

Fearlessly Inclusive

We push boundaries.

Our multicultural events and programs existed before being proudly diverse and inclusive was cool. Our experiences, speakers, and people-forward agendas drive introspective realization and economic opportunity for everyone in our communities.

Unapologetically Multicultural

We bridge diverse communities together.

While we love connecting individuals, we also believe there is enormous social value in connecting diverse communities and cultivating cross-cultural relationships. Our events are a hub for diverse leaders and organizations to work together and catalyze meaningful social change.

Relationship Obsessive

We are community-centric.

Named by Boston Magazine as the #1 Networking Group in 2023 & 2022, we are serious about the relationships you create. We do our utmost to ensure you are seen, that your brand is visible, and that our communities are connected to one another.

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We're grateful to work with our partners.


Check out our new book.

Learn to be a leader who is not simply "against racism," but who actively advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion as an anti-racist ally.

"The thoughtful, tactical guide we all need to better understand and practice allyship and create a strong organizational culture."

-Sam Kennedy, president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox




Named Boston’s Best Business Networking Group by Boston Magazine. Our cross-cultural events create meaningful business and social connections.


Helping top companies and nonprofits diversify their senior leadership roles.

Students with iPad

Helping to  “connects” students and new graduates to potential employers.


Facilitating access to capital, mentorship, and opportunity for underrepresented startup founders in tech and innovation.


Looking for a new opportunity? Find your dream job with well-known companies in Boston and beyond.

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Amplifying brands in Boston and beyond to fuel small business growth and increase their bottom line.

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