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A Taste of Ethnic Boston

is now returning on

July 30th

Big Night Live Entertainment

The Taste of Ethnic Boston Food Festival fills the entirety of Big Night Live (located in North Station), an illustrious and flashy nightlife venue that fits over 1,500 people. This event is an upscale and sophisticated tasting of some of Boston's lavish ethnic restaurants with a taste of every diverse community that represents the best of our City and our State.

We want to invite you into the lives and culture from the Caribbean & Mediterranean kitchens to whimsical and soul-infused experiences, Black-owned lounges and restaurants to the lively Latino dance and entertainment venues, and traditional but modern Korean and Hawaiian-inspired menus that honor the ingredients and the flavors all across Asia.

Featuring Gourmet Bites from Ethnic Restaurants of Boston run by Chefs of Color

Below are signed restaurants to date. More to be announced!

Nzuko Watertown

Drawing influence from Laurette’s understanding of how food can make people feel, and her travels in search of new flavors and techniques, Nzuko offers the tastes of the Caribbean with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

60 Howard St, Watertown, MA 02472, United States

Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, known as DCBK, serves up great southern comfort food and signature cocktails with a side of some of the best jazz in Boston.

604 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02118, USA

Merengue Restaurant

In 1994, Merengue Restaurant opened its doors with the purpose of bringing a different concept in the restaurant industry to the growing Latino community and to the general public in the City of Boston.

160 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, Boston, MA 02125, USA

Grace by Nia

Flaunting whimsically chic decor, a soul-infused menu, an intimate stage for live music and creative entertainment, and an enchanting cocktail lounge, Grace by Nia ventures to bring a new brand of cultural vibrancy to Boston’s Seaport.

60 Seaport Blvd 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02210, USA

Love Art Sushi

Paying homage to the destinations that the pair call their alternate homes, the Love Art brand can be defined as Japanese with Hawaiian and Korean influences through a New England lens not just in flavor but in hospitality, execution, and culture.

1 Haviland Street Boston, MA, 02115 United States

We want you to partner with us.

At Get Konnected!, we are dedicated to making sure the authenticity of Black, Brown, and Asian owned business not only survive in this city, but that we thrive. Our heritages, cultures, and experiences are not meant to be hidden - they are meant to be seen, and to be embraced as an asset & defining characteristic of our entire diverse community. 


By supporting us in this event, you support Black, Brown, and Asian owned restauranteurs in achieving their dreams to create incredible food experiences that not only enhances the reputation of our State, but will carry us into the next phase of our State's reputation as a culinary destination designed for anybody to enjoy. 

We encourage you to participate, as a vendor, a sponsor, an influencer, or by spreading the word to your circle. Let's be proud of the diversity thats so prevalent in our State and let's stand by each other as we all rise.

We are Searching for Boston's Best 25 Ethnic Restaurants & Top Chefs of Color

Do you know a restaurant or a chef that meets the following criteria?

  1. Is or is owned by a person of color (majority-owned).

  2. Has used their notoriety to create impact for the community.

  3. High ratings across food review platforms.

  4. Based in Boston and or Greater Boston areas.

  5. Infuses the culture of their cuisines into their menus, space, and the experiences for participating patrons.

Submit your nomination here:

Celebrity Series.png

We're grateful to work with our partners.

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